Haskap Berries

Formerly North 49 Fruit

We are Vitalaberry Farms, a group of passionate Canadian farmers dedicated to growing berries that are not only good for you, but good for our planet.

A berry bursting with benefits.

Haskaps are Canada’s superberry. They’re rich in flavour and nutrients, and are one of the most anti-oxidant rich berries in the world.

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your haskap supply solution

Vitalaberry Farms offers quality haskap and processed fruit products direct from our shareholder producers to domestic and global customers.

​Our Canadian producer - shareholders adhere to national production and primary process Food Safe Practices for producing high quality and safe-to-eat fruit.


All secondary processing is completed in CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) registered facilities.


the new

super berry

Vitalaberry Farms shareholders currently specialize in Haskap berries and products. This superb berry is a new fruit crop for North America.

Haskap, is considered a "Super Berry” because it is very high in flavonoids, polyphenols, and vitamin C.

Other positive attributes include:

  • Very small seeds, easily incorporated into a wide variety of products

  • Bold Indigo color

  • Complex, unique, and pleasant flavor profile

  • Products with haskap are unique in the marketplace as there is little global production

  • Very few pests resulting in no need to spray insecticides

  • Grows well in temperate and northern climates, areas typically with lower levels of pollution

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Our Producer-Shareholders are dedicated farmers with a long history of commitment and respect for the land and the crops it produces.