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All Vitalaberry Farms Shareholders own a minimum of 5000 plants, with a strict food safety program in place.

Broken Tine Orchard

    We are situated in northwestern Alberta, west of Grande Prairie. We farm about 2300 acres of land; with a mix of canola, wheat, and barley. I am a 4th generation of the farm that was established in 1926.

    In 2011 we moved into haskap production. We planted about 19,500 plants and it resides on 35 acres of full drip irrigation. Our main goal was to help supplement the net revenue of the farm and allow us to take over the family farm. Haskap harvest does not interfere with our conventional farming and fits perfectly into the operation. We are focusing on local and large markets with our production; with fresh being only available locally and frozen available in bulk quantities. We also now have our cottage winery license so we will be using a sizable quantity on our own farm.

     I have been in the oil and gas industry for 20 years and part owner of a large environmental consulting company. In this time I have learned marketing skills and dealing with intense and tough situations. My strength resides in not much fear of unknown, entrepreneur spirit, and marketing tenacity. I hope to bring this into the agricultural world and continue
our farming success. I know that the only way that the industry will flourish is if we work together.​

Blooming KRALE Orchard

Blooming KRALE Orchard is a 4th generation farm located Northwest of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. We became aware of Haskap in 2014 and have transitioned the traditional grain farm operation over to a Haskap Orchard in 2016 with 17,000 Haskap under drip irrigation. We are planting another 15,000 this year with plans for further expansion.

Blooming KRALE Orchard Shareholder Picture

blas berry Orchard

     Blas (pronounced ‘bloss’, Origin Irish) -- Meaning: Beauty Through Taste; taste, flavour, accent

     Owners, Sam Kreuger and Grant McCubbing are partners in life and in business. Their passion for agriculture and outdoor life came from growing up on family farms in Saskatchewan. 


         After years of individually enjoying careers in different industries, Sam and Grant decided it was time to go back to their roots and pursue farm life again. In 2013 they purchased their current property located in Parkland County, Alberta. Their tenacity and hard work ethic has made their dream become a reality.

     Blas Berry Orchard will showcase 20,000 Haskap bushes, with a combination of early and late harvest varieties.

They look forward to being a part of the exciting future of the Haskap industry and the Vitalaberry Farms family.

Blas Berry Orchard Shareholder Picture

Little Smokey Haskap

     Little Smokey Haskap started off as a dream in 2005 when we acquired our farm. With hard work and pride for what we grow it is becoming a reality.


Our orchard resides in the little smoky valley of north western Alberta, where the long summer days and rich farm land make it an ideal place to grow our fruit. It is with great pride that we offer our fruit to the world.

Little Smokey Haskap Shareholder Picture

northern light orchards

Northern Light Orchards, 14 km. SW of the community of Birch Hills in central Saskatchewan, was named after the road it is situated on and as a reflection of the multi colored northern aurora that fascinates so many people when they look into the otherwise clear crisp northern sky on a winters night

As commercial haskap orchards go in North America, NLO is ancient, with an existence dating back to 2007 when the small company was organized and preparation began for the orchard that was planted in 2008

NLO  is owned by a diverse group of individuals interested in developing a new perennial crop as a way to help diversify an area dependent on grain and oilseeds. Carl Barber, one of the owners and the manager of the 10000 plant orchard,  retired early from a career in agricultural construction when he realized he had a desire to continue a generations old family tradition of working with the soil and the many things that spring from it.

Carl and his fellow shareholders remain enthusiastic about haskap, a plant and its fruit that is, like the prairie farmer, resilient, resourceful, colorful, and often a lot different than first appearances would lead one to believe.

Norther Light Orchards Shareholder Picture

Phoenix Haskaps

     We are a 5th generation family farm in southern Alberta, it is a mixed farming operation of seed and fresh potatoes, canola, triticale, peas and our newest crop Haskap.

     Phoenix is a unique bird that lived in the dessert and burnt itself on a funeral pyre and rose from ashes with renewed youth. The farm in the Netherlands started in the late 1800s and was burnt to ashes during World War 2. My great-grandfather re-built the farm and called it Phoenix Farms “rising from ashes”. The farm has carried itself to southern Alberta in 1982.

     Today we have 42,000 Haskap plants on 30 acres of prairie land with the beautiful Rocky Mountains in view. Our vision is to bring healthy Haskap products to local and international markets.

     Having our unique family farm producing high generation seed and fresh potatoes, seed canola, seed triticale and seed peas we have some marketing experience and knowledge in intense farming.

     We look forward to working together as a group to market our Haskap to strengthen our growing industry.

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Praire Hill Fruits-155-_MG_8541.jpg

prairie hill fruits

     Prairie Hill Fruits is located in Picture Butte, Alberta, and was established in the year of 2013. The name originated the rolling hills the orchard is situated upon.

     The owner and operator Rex Vandenberg, together with his wife has been farming for 27 years. Rex, along the orchard, runs a feedlot and grain farm. Rex started the orchard because with the rising prices of land, he wanted to start growing higher value crops. He began with 5 acres, and over the years has expanded into the 40 acres he now has.

Prairie Hill Fruits Shareholder Picture
Rosy Farms Orchard Optimized.jpg

Rosy Farms

      In 2005, while taking the Production Horticulture Diploma program at Olds College, Andrew Rosychuk, owner planted a test plot of sour cherries, currants, and haskap on our family farm. The deer loved the cherries, insects loved the currants and he fell in love with the haskap.

      His vision was born: 

To grow incredibly healthy haskap berries and develop the market, in the prairies and internationally.

      He quickly realized that starting an orchard was going to take more than an education and a dream. Digging his heels in, working in the trades as a Canadian Red Seal welder and boilermaker to make my berry farm a reality.  

      In 2014 he bought 80 acres of land northwest of Edmonton, amending the intensively farmed dirt into lively soil. The berries, and the team, continue to grow. To date Rosy Farms have 26,000 haskap bushes growing, with plans to build a processing facility, spring 2019, and expand the orchard.

      Rosy Farms hosts yearly farm events, connecting you with haskap fruit and what it takes to farm them.

      Rosy Farms specializes in wholesale, but sells fresh hand picked fruit at farmers markets in Edmonton and has a by-appointment U-pick. Sign up for our newsletter to stay posted.

      Our roots are in, industry is growing. Time to work with fellow growers, making haskap a household name. 


Valley Nursery Sod

     Our family has been farming our land in Greater Sudbury, Ontario for 130 years. There are currently 3 generations working on the farm. We have been farming sod since 1959 and are now applying our knowledge and years of experience into Haskap production.


In 2013 we began our orchard and currently have approximately 40 000 haskaps of varying age in 30 acres. We service the local area with a pick your own and have a mechanical harvester available for larger quantities.

Willow Ridge Bison Ranch

     Willow Ridge Bison Ranch is located on the west side of Chitek Lake bordering the Northern Forest. We started our planting in 2012 and now consist of 20,000 haskap all under drip line irrigation.

Willow Ridge Bison Ranch Shareholder Picture